About us

The click4mac web store for refurbished Apple products is part of The Bookyard, an Apple recycling specialist and Apple parts supplier so we know Apple computers inside and out; literally!. We buy in working and faulty Macs, iPads & iPhones through our instant trade-in web site, mac2cash.com and our corporate IT Asset Disposal arm, macITAD.com, and either expertly refurbished them for resale through click4mac.com, or diagnoses any faults then strip them down and sell the parts through thebookyard.com web store.

Our expertise and experience in diagnosing & repairing Apple products means that when we sell a refurbished Apple product, you can be confident it has been expertly tested (and if necessary, repaired), not just cleaned up and sold on with unknown problems. All our refurbished Apple products come with the security of a 12 month warranty and as the UK's premier supplier of Apple service spares, we have the expertise and parts to swiftly carry out any repairs should a problem arise.

Let's meet the team ...

Nick Gillard
Power cord
Like the power cord on your computer, Nick brings life to the company. The bossman, head honcho and creator, Nick brings energy and light to the team. None of us would be here without the consistent 85W that Nick infuses to the company.
Gillian Ridley
Administrative Manager
Gillian is the working memory of the office, distributing all the information that you could ever need in what seems like a heartbeat. The go-to in the office for any questions, she will never let you down. She thrives in her role and is often seen making “her boys” fight back a smile with an inspirational song.
Ryan Cuckson
Technical Manager
Ryan always has something to say. If he’s not at the office cracking jokes with his wry wit or working tirelessly like a keyboard during a student’s deadline-week, you’ll find him singing ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ in the Kop.
Aaron Dalziel
Chief Technician
The ultimate combination of front of house and technical know-how behind the scenes. Pretty much everything that you see has gone through Aaron at some point. Always switched on, always key to the operation, without Aaron there wouldn’t be anything worth looking at.
Rob de Vaal
Senior Engineer
Hard Drive
Like the reliable hard drives that we sell, Rob has years of knowledge stored up. Don’t know the difference between a hard drives and SSDs? Rob does! As well as countless other essential snippets of wisdom that can only be obtained through years of dedication and experience.
Ciaran Lambert
Graphics Card
Ciaran is the graphics card of our office machine, making sure that everything you see is beautiful and ensuring that it runs smoothly. Ciaran also doubles as our in-house pop-culture expert with an extensive knowledge of video games. If you want a recommendation for what game you should download first onto your new refurbished computer, Ciaran is your guy!
Tom Oughterson
Stock Controller
Like the bluetooth in your device, Tom brings everyone together. Essential to the modern computer, bluetooth connects music and media like Tom connects with those around him. Tom is always willing to pair with anyone to get the job done, and is likely to share something with you that will bring a smile to your day.
Tammi Hargreaves
Administrative Assistant
As the air flows around all the components of the computer keeping everything cool and functional, so our Tammi helps everyone work efficiently without getting hot under the collar.
Tim Anderson
Shipping Controller
Data might be all important but unless it's packaged up in a reliable protocol (that's a set of instructions to the rest of us) it'll end up getting lost or scrambled. Likewise, Tim checks, packs and ships all your orders making sure they reach you safely and in double time.